Joaillerie de France brings 50 designers to Basel

Collective helps French designers find stockists across the world.

Joaillerie de France, a collective of French jewellery and watch designers, is reaching out to global retailers and wholesalers looking to for new lines that add a certain je ne sais quoi to their range.

Joaillerie is a response from French independent designers that have struggled to tap into world markets for their work.

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The collective currently has 50 members, all of which are screened and reviewed for the quality, creativity and ethics in their designs.

They are given the right to use the Joaillerie de France brand, which gives them a seal of quality as well as additional muscle around the globe.

The ‘label’ may be withheld from products whose level of technical demand does not comply with professional techniques renowned in France, even if they are made in France.

It is expected by Joaillerie de France that craftsmen accepted to use the brand will have around 10 years experience in the industry.

International development is a strategic direction for many French workshops which either work with major foreign companies or develop their own collections.

Many designers already have strong customer bases in France and Switzerland, but Joaillerie de France wants to expand their reach, specifically to the UK, Japan, the USA and the United Arab Emirates, and is organising events to forge connections in these markets.

The organisation has a large showcase of French designers in the Palais marquee at BaselWorld.




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