Jorg Gray to create timepiece for Special Branch

London?s Metropolitan police choose brand?s JG6500 to customise.

US watch brand Jorg Gray is set to produce a collection of customised watches for the Special Branch unit of London’s Metropolitan Police.

The timepiece will be a specially-designed version of the brand’s bestselling JG6500. It will showcase the Special Branch seal on the dial, with the caseback engraved with 1883 – the date that the unit was founded – and a unique serial number for each wearer.

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Jorg Gray has said that the 6500 chronograph was the model specifically requested by the Special Branch.

In the US the watch brand has designed timepieces for Indy car racing and is well known for being the brand worn by president Barack Obama during his inauguration and on many public occasions ever since.

The Met’s Special Branch command operates to counter the threat of political violence in the UK. It is the largest of the UK’s counter terrorism police units.

There is no word yet as to whether the timepiece will be available to the wider public at a later date.




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