KP suspends exports from Central African Republic

Decision is a reaction to takeover by government rebel group.

The Kimberley Process has suspended diamond exports from the Central African Republic (CAR) after the rise of a rebel government group that uses diamonds to fund illegal activities.

The decision follows an earlier warning from the Kimberley Process dated April 18 in which its chairman Welile Nhlapo asked for enhanced vigilance relating to a number of diamond producing areas in CAR including Bria, Sam Ouandja and Bamingui. It is understood that the rebel group, Seleka, has used diamond trading to fund illegal arms and human rights activities.

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More than 80 Kimberley Process member states were contacted by Nhlapo with a statement that trading with CAR is, for the time being, suspended.

The statement read: "Having received the requires number of votes and no written objections, you are hereby informed that the requirements for approval by written procedure have been met to endorse temporary suspension of Central African Republic with immediate effect until the decision and the situation in CAR are to be reviewed by the Working Group on Monitoring, in consultation with other working bodies."

The review will take place at the intersessional meeting of the KPCS taking place in Kimberleybetween June 4 to 7.



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