Laura Lee & photographer team for museum jewels

Diamond-set pieces to feature at exhibition in Bath.

Laura Lee Jewellery founder and designer Laura Lee has collaborated with the V&A’s former photographer in residence Bettina Von Zwehl for an exhibition at the Holburne Musem in Bath.

The London-based jeweller was approached by Von Zwehl, a customer of hers and photographer well regarded for her portraits, to create items of jewellery for the exhibition featuring Von Zwehl’s photographs.

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Lee was able to translate Von Zwehl’s miniature eye photography into several designs, including a pendant set with an image of Von Zwehl’s eye, and a ring surrounded by diamonds with an image of her husband’s eye at its centre. Von Zwehl and Lee were inspired by miniature eye paintings, often shared between lovers in the Georgian era.

The collection will be exhibited at the Holburne Museum in Bath from May 22, as part of its Royal Collection showcase. 

Von Zwehl is known for her recent Road to 2012 campaign images which focused on athletes and Olympians in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.



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