Lesley Craze hosts Collect fair during LJW

Gallery hosts international fair previously seen at Saatchi gallery.

Lesley Craze Gallery will celebrate international jewellery design duiring London Jewellery Week (LJW), by hosting Collect Collections.

The gallery in Clerkenwell Green, a stone’s throw from Hatton Garden, will showcase collections by 12 international jewellery and metalwork artists. The show will run from today until Sunday June 12, with free entry. 

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The selected artists work in materials such as wood, metal, paper and precious metals and utilize techniques as diverse as hand crochet to 3D printing and rapid prototyping. The exhibition will explore the varied practices in cutting-edge contemporary jewellery practice today.

Collect Collections is a must-see, as the designers involved previewed their work at COLLECT, the leading international fair for contemporary objects earlier this year at the Saatchi Gallery.

The 12 designers involved at the Lesley Craze showcase include Michael Becker, Vladimir Bohm, Simone Brewster, Angela Cork, Nora Fok, Emmeline Hastings, Michihiro Sato and Maud Traon.

Established 26 years ago, the Lesley Craze Gallery has established a reputation as one of the foremost contemporary jewellery galleries in Europe. The gallery hosts four major exhibitions a year always including at least one featuring international artists, which includes LJW’s Collect Collections.



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