Links of London joins Selfridges concession

While brand continues fighting against counterfeits by closing sites.

Links of London is set to open a concession within Selfridges’ Manchester Exchange store as part of an area called New Destination Beauty.

Renovation work is currently taking place within the store, and it will open up with a large central atrium which will look out over the new beauty department, with global beauty and fashion jewellery brands on sale.

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Links of London has been working with Selfridges to make the concession area their own, and promises to bring a luxury shopping experience housing their friendship bracelets and 2012 collections.

In other Links of London news, the brand yesterday announced that it is continuing in its fight against counterfeit copies of its jewellery, most notably its famous friendship bracelets.

The brand has recently won a lawsuit against 62 websites selling counterfeit copies of the bracelets, all run by one individual. The domain names for the sites have been bought by Links of London and anyone reaching them will be automatically directed to the official Links site.

The company is continuing to work closely with police and Trading Standards. In June the company won a case against a well-known high street retailer which had been selling copies of its bracelets.

The retailer admitted full responsibility and handed all of the bracelets to Links of London for incineration.




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