Lola Rose celebrates with planetary collection

Brand to unveil Out of this World & Planet Earth at The Jewellery Show

Jewellery brand Lola Rose will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2010, and will unveil new collections at Spring Fair to mark the millestone in the company’s development. 

The new collections, entitled Planet Earth and Out of This World, are based on the earth and the stars with a focus on natural hues.

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The trademark Lola Rose style of chunky gemstone cuffs, rings and neckpieces is continued in the two new collections, which will feature chocolate-coloured quartzite, grey obsidian and green and blue dyed quartz. The colours and shapes featured are “inspired by the earth, forest, sea and sky, alongside the stars and futurism”. The Out of This World collection also features goldstone in blue and brown, known for its glittering properties and space-age feel.

Lola Rose founder Nicola Gewirtz says she has tailored the brand to fit both independent jewellers and larger stores, including John Lewis and Harvey Nichols.

This is the first time that Lola Rose has exhibited at The Jewellery Show at Spring Fair. 




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