Masters of Dreams showcases jewellers on film

New DVD goes behind the scenes at global high jewellery houses across.

A new four-part documentary called Masters of Dreams has been created, focused on high jewellery houses including Bulgari, Chopard, Stephen Webster and De Beers.

The four-part film will launch next month on DVD and has been created by French film company French Connection Films.

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The documentary visits cities including Paris, New York, London, Bali and Rio, going behind the scenes at 13 jewellery brands.

The brands reveal the inspiration and craftsmanship behind their work in the films, focusing on their legacies and design styles.

A statement from French Connection said: " Attend the Christie’s auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s most precious jewels. Experience the last-minute preparations of a giant 400-piece exhibition opening in Shanghai, or the showcasing of the new Josephine collection at the Biennale des Antiquaires.

"From Paris to New York, London to Bali, and Milan to Rio, this four-part documentary series offers a breathtaking journey into the world of fine jewellery, filled with legendary families, gemstone hunters and some of the world’s most innovative designers."

The films have been directed by Guillaume De Ginestel, Eric Ellena, Jane Lipman and Sean O’Sullivan.



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