Mazzuoli introduces revs’ counter inspired watch

Timepiece features lever similar to a car#s gear shift to set the time

After four years of development, Giuliani Mazzuoli has finally announced the launch of his new timepiece Contagiri.

The watch features one hand that retrogrades after moving across an arc of 270° while pointing to numbers between 0 and 12 indicating the hour. On the side of the case is a stow-away lever that acts like a
sort of ‘gear shift,’ which allows for the winding of the automatic movement and the setting of the time by
turning the bezel.

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The Contagiri comes in a couple of versions, one of which is in stainless steel and dlc (diamond-like-carbon) with a black rubber strap. The more precious version, features an18 carat rose gold bezel and titanium case.

With Contagiri 8C Competizione, Giuliano Mazzuoli has also dedicated a special version of his timepiece to
the sport tradition of Alfa Romeo.

To celebrate the launch, owners of the Alfa 8C got together for the first time earlier this year and participated in events in Florence, the hills of the Chianti area of Tuscany, a medieval castle, and at the Mugello Racing Circuit.

The piece, which comes with an 18 carat rose gold and titanium or stainless steel and dlc, features a black dial that faithfully reflects the tachometer in the 8C Competizione. It is limited to 500 pieces and it is meant for the owners of the Gran Turismo.

The watch back will be inscribed with the same limited edition number of the car and the strap is decorated with a woven pattern that recalls the interiors of the automobile. The watch box will come in the same colour as the owner’s motor

The four-leaf clover, symbol of Alfa Romeo racing, in the window of the dial indicates that the watch is working regularly.




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