Mikimoto to exhibit Marilyn Monroe pearls

Legendary company displays Monroe pearls for Culture & Heritage Week.

The Marilyn Monroe pearl necklace will be displayed in its original oval, leather, velvet-line box as part of the Bond Street Culture & Heritage Week from June 7 to 13.

Marilyn Monroe was gifted the Akoya pearl necklace by Joe DiMaggio when they travelled to Japan on their honeymoon in 1954. Even years after their divorce, Monroe continued to wear the necklace, claiming it reminded her of “happier times.”

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The pearls were one of the few pieces of fine jewellery that Monroe owned, as most of her jewellery was costume.

The actress finally gave the piece to her friend Paula Strasberg, the wife of acting coach Lee Strasberg. Upon the icon’s death in 1962, Strasberg gave the necklace to her daughter, Susan, claiming that Monroe would have wanted her to have them.

A world-renowned Japanese empire, Mikimoto was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893. Known as the ‘pearl king,’ Kokichi Mikimoto was the first man to develop a technique for the cultivation of pearls. Today the company remains the world leader in high quality Akoya and South Sea cultured pearls.



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