Model agent denies lying in Charles Talyor trial

Carole White asserts that Campbell received diamonds from Taylor.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s former agent Carole White has denied lying in the Charles Taylor trial about Campbell receiving diamonds from the former Liberian president.

The model agent repeated her assertions that Campbell received diamonds from Taylor after the dinner held in honour of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, telling the court ‘it is not a lie.’

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Defence counsel Courtney Griffiths questioned the motives of the agent, who is currently suing Campbell for £375,000 over an alleged breach of contract.

Griffiths said: "Put bluntly, for you this is all about money. There ain’t nothing funny."

White refused to back down from her statement and said: "I can categorically tell you, this happened. I told people about it after the journey, people that I trusted. It was quite funny at the time. It’s not so funny now.

She added: "It has nothing whatsoever to do with my business argument with Naomi Campbell. This is not about money. This is about a very serious matter and I am telling the truth."



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