Naomi Campbell in blood diamond trial

Model gives evidence in court today

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is currently in court in Sierra Leone answering questions about whether she was given a blood diamond by a former warlord.

It has been alleged that Ms Campbell was given the stone in 1997 by former Liberian President, Charles Taylor, who is accused of using the diamonds to fund weapons in the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone. So far she has denied that Mr Taylor gave her the illegally mined, uncut diamond after a charity dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela.

The statement is being contested by US film star and fellow guest at the Mandela party, Mia Farrow, who explained: “you don’t forget when a girlfriend tells you she received a huge diamond in the middle of the night.”

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Blood diamonds are rough or uncut stones mined illegally, often by children, in areas controlled by rebel armies and used to pay for their violence. The sale of these diamonds is thought to have kept the war going for many years.

The case continues.




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