Neony swaps single store for pop-up series

London jewellery retailer to bring international designers to masses.

London retailer Neony has announced plans to close its London store in order to run a series of pop-up shops in the Capital.

The Neony store opened on Goodge Street in 2012 selling a quirky selection of jewellery by designers including Claire English, Francesca Villa, Maven, LTCH and Jalan Jalan and Origami.

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The store’s founder Nicky Hadjithoma now plans to close to Goodge Street store to instead launch a number of pop-ups around London showcasing jewellery from the same line-up, with a focus on international jewellery designers looking to break the UK.

Hadjithoma has also taken the store’s offer online to compliment the launch of the travelling pop-up stores.

She said: "Goodge Street was a great starting location, however we wanted to increase brand awareness and be more experimental. We will be focusing online for a while and then popping up with a new and improved gallery space as and when. There are plenty of areas in London where we will thrive, so now is the time to be more strategic, whilst keeping our creative and innovative style at the forefront of what we do."

Neony will close its Goodge Street store in the summer ahead of its planned pop-up scheme.



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