New floral-themed website blooms for OAK

Jewellery brand updates digital presence with dream-like theme.

OAK jewellery has launched an updated website with a fresh design theme that continues the style of its recently-launched POS and floral packaging.

The site has a layered floral and hand-sketched design, chosen to reflect the brand’s core themes of love and sentimentality. It was created with input from OAK’s founders Jo-Anne Owdud and Parul Tolentino, who were named NexGem’s in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2013.

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It features an online shop, a section devoted to the brand, its background and press coverage, and a new blog-like area called Love Notes where OAK’s founder will post ideas and thoughts that inspire their designs. The brand is also offering 20% off all online purchases until June 3.

Owdud said of the new site: "It’s a really exciting time for OAK right now and I think the site reflect this. The site is a friendly shopping experience and was designed with usability at its core."

The brand created the site themselves with a purposeful flow of navigation to allow customers to discover the OAK brand and its collections with ease.

Co-founder Parul Tolentino added: "Jo-Anne and I created the site ourselves, which gives us an opportunity to be reactive and share what is happening within OAK to our customers.

"As we do not have a retail outlet of our own, as yet, we wanted the OAK website to interactive, inviting and unique. There are already new features and products that we are looking to introduce, so keep watching this space."

The brand is sold through retailers including Charles Fish, Cred and Plants the Jewellers.



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