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De Beers unveils plans to pilot programme to support artisanal minors

De Beers unveils plans to pilot programme to support artisanal minors

De Beers Group announced it is preparing to pilot a programme called GemFair to create a secure and transparent route to market for ethically-sourced artisanal and small-scale mined (SM) diamonds. GemFair will use dedicated technology to record ASM production at mine sites that meet demonstrable ethical standards, with the aim of purchasing of rough diamonds


Q&A: Madestones founder discusses growing demand for lab-grown diamonds

Professional Jeweller caught up with Thierry Silber, founder of Madestones, to discuss the benefits of lab-grown diamonds, trends in the industry, and his prediction for the future. What, in your view, are the benefits of lab-grown diamonds? Lab-grown diamonds offer many advantages because they represent an affordable, conscientious and modern choice.  They meet the needs

DIAMOND DEBATE: The case for lab-grown diamonds

Discussions about lab-grown diamonds in the UK jewellery industry have been increasing over the last year, with more and more suppliers playing with the cultivated stones, and retailer’s questioning whether there is a demand for them. If America is anything to go by, there certainly is consumer demand for the man-made stones. After all, once

Brides-to-be expect engagement ring worth no more than £1,500, study claims

Goldsmiths has revealed that the amount women expect fiancees-to-be to spend on engagement stands at no more than £1,500. The Goldsmiths report, which questioned almost 2,000 brides and wedding guests, revealed the average UK bride-to-be expects their partners to pay no more than £1,500 on their engagement ring, While it is a long standing tradition

Kimberley Process discussed at United Nations headquarters

World Diamond Council (WDC) acting president Stephane Fischler joined a renowned group of executives and dignitaries at a United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) side event, discussing the Kimberley Process (KP) and strategies to advance its ongoing contributions toward peace, security and sustainable development in diamond mining communities.  This year marks the beginning of a pivotal

Leading suppliers unite to host UK’s first ethically sourced gemstone fair

Three of the UK’s leading ethically sourced gemstone suppliers have partnered together to bring a first-of-its-kind trade show to the UK. Taking place next month, Stuart Pool (Nineteen48), Kathy Chappell (Fair Trade Gemstones) and Ian Bone (Capricorn Gems- Queensland, Australia), will collectively host the UK’s first ethically sourced gemstone fair in London. This inaugural one-day

One of India’s biggest banks accuses billionaire diamond dealer of fraud

Nirav Modi, an Indian diamond billionaire who opened a flagship boutique in London 18 months ago, is being investigated for bank fraud. According to reports, the jeweller of the namesake retail chain has been linked with a $1.8 billion fraud reported by one of India’s biggest banks. Last month Punjab National Bank accused Nirav Modi

Royal Asscher eyes UK retail expansion

Diamond jewellery brand Royal Asscher is looking to expand its retail network in the United Kingdom. The family diamond business has announced it will be hosting a unique introductory day on March 13 2018 in London, where retailers can view the latest collections, and hear all about Royal Asscher’s heritage and future plans. With a

IIDGR offers leading industry organisations free diamond pipeline training

The International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR), part of the De Beers Group, has recently teamed up with The National Association of Jewellers, The Goldsmiths’ Centre and Hatton Garden Business Improvement District to offer their respective members a total of 80 free places for IIDGR’s recently launched Diamond Foundation Course. Specifically aimed at

Carat+ adds coloured gemstones section in response to visitor demand

Visitor feedback has led premiere diamond trade show, CARAT+, to welcome leading coloured gemstone specialists for a debut Coloured Gemstones Sector at its second edition in May 2018. This carefully curated new show feature will host world-renowned exhibitors, offering a vast array of loose coloured gemstones, gemstone sets, fantasy cuts, carvings and show-stopping stones for