Notts store hit by New Years sledgehammer attack

Onyx in Beeston left unscathed thanks to fast security devices.

Sledgehammer-wielding thieves attacked a Nottinghamshire jeweller on New Year’s Eve, but left empty handed after speedy security devices locked them out.

Two men are thought to have attacked Onyx Goldsmiths on the High Road in Beeston at 9.30am on Monday. They smashed the window but an automatic security system launched the store’s metal shutters, which stopped the thieves in their tracks.

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Onyx’s managing director Erica Mucenieks said staff had been left shaken but unhurt. She described the sledgehammers as sounding like “a bomb” when they hit the windows.

She told This is Nottingham"I’m just so relieved that they didn’t get away with anything and proud of our security. We are a small, independent business but we put a lot of thought into our security system. Everyone keeps saying that they can’t believe how lucky we were that nothing was stolen.”

Mucenieks says she also invested in Smartwater, which would have coated the thieves if they had made it through the glass.

Beeston police are appealing for witnesses to come forward regarding the incident.




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