November and December sales up at Tustains

High-end diamond jewellery fares well in a ‘very late’ Christmas.

Tustains in Leamington Spa enjoyed strong sales this festive season with high-end diamond pieces selling well and a last-minute rush to the tills.

While turnover at the jewellery retailer was up in both November and December, Tustains co-owner Joe Milner described the annual Christmas spike as coming very late in 2012.

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He said: “The last four days and a strong trade between Christmas and New Year added nicely to the numbers.”
Milner added that there was a lot of interest in diamond jewellery over the festive season, with high-end pieces proving to be “a real hit”.

Hard work lies ahead for Tustains in 2013, according to Milner, but the retailer says he is ready to seize all opportunities the future has to throw at him.

Milner said: “I’m sure it will be hard work like last year. There are opportunities out there and we are hungry to make the most of each and every one.”



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