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GUEST COLUMN: How will the jewellery industry keep up with millennial needs?

GUEST COLUMN: How will the jewellery industry keep up with millennial needs?

Guest Column by Tamsin Ivy, founder, Glitzbox Every single thing you buy, you technically own forever. This is a concept that millennials and gen z consumers are disrupting. Get bored of songs quickly? Download Spotify. Don’t fancy watching a movie more than once? Get yourself a Netflix account. Can’t possibly be caught in the same


Editor’s View: The only way is ethics

Yesterday I attended the Fair Luxury conference at the Birmingham Assay Office and I had a fantastic time. Not only were the talks great and delivered by interesting figures, but the conversations taking place during the coffee breaks between people in our industry who are passionate about making it the best it can be were


GUEST COLUMN: Why every jeweller needs to have an apprentice

Professional Jeweller has asked Ben Drew, head of business development at the British Academy of Jewellery, why he believes everyone in the jewellery industry should be taking on an apprentice. Get a modern perspective and embrace digital Apprentices bring new ideas, creativity and enthusiasm into any organisation.  Having high-energy and new blood within the business


Editor’s View: A new year for the jewellery industry to shine

The last year felt like an absolute marathon. It got off to a positive start, then in the middle people started to flag with the results of the EU Referendum lingering over the country, then at the end many found the extra energy they needed to power through and end the year on a high.


Editor’s View: Celebrating the best in the jewellery business

Flick through any edition of Professional Jeweller this year or browse the pages of our website and it quickly becomes apparent that the jewellery industry is blessed with individuals and companies at the forefront of British business. Innovation, creativity and originality lie at the very heart of this industry, and the ways in which brands

Claire Adler photographed by Dan Stevens. Dec 2015 at Star Diamond Dover Street London.  Hair and Make up Ginni Bogado, Rings Star Diamond, Catherine Prevost.

GUEST COLUMN: Claire Adler on the power of language

Guest column by luxury communications consultant, Claire Adler. Over the last decade, as a contributor on jewellery and diamonds to the Financial Times and other publications, I’ve received my fair share of press releases. Recently, I was on stage in conversation with Vanity Fair contributing editor and Hollywood stylist Elizabeth Saltzman. I mentioned that some


GUEST COLUMN: Alex Monroe on how Brexit might impact business

British jewellery designer Alex Monroe asks key questions about the future as he writes about the impact Britain’s decision to leave the European Union might have on business… We were all rather shocked on the morning of Friday June 24 when the result of the EU referendum was announced. I am a passionate supporter of the European Union,


Editor’s view: “Switching off could be the most productive thing you do”

When was the last time you truly switched off from work? I mean properly switched off. This includes turning off your work emails, stepping outside your business and mentally, if not physically, taking a holiday. If you are anything like me I expect it was further back than you think. It is no secret that


GUEST COLUMN: 77 Diamonds MD on the future of the British diamond industry

Guest column by Tobias Kormind, managing director, 77 Diamonds As the co-founder of 77 Diamonds, I meet many people who say we are putting the existence of many traditional British jewellers in jeopardy. While I’m flattered, I believe the real picture is far more complex. With attention spans shorter than the life of a Snapchat picture,


Editor’s view: “We view the Hot 100 as this year’s flag bearers for the entire industry”

It is hard to believe that the Hot 100 has been and gone again and I hope you will agree that it was another fantastic evening, with over 350 industry professionals gathering at the Kensington Roof Gardens to cheer on friends and colleagues.  Compiling the Hot 100 is both the easiest and the hardest of tasks