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OPINION: Is the genderless fashion movement starting to impact jewellery?

OPINION: Is the genderless fashion movement starting to impact jewellery?

Words by Julien Riad Sahyoun, founder, JRS Jewellery This is a very important moment within the jewellery industry as we have begun to notice a sea of change in purchasing habits, not only by men, but increasingly from the millennial generation. It reflects a transformation of purchasing viewpoints, with many younger people recognising the importance of the planet


GUEST COLUMN: Why the industry should not be afraid of innovation

Industry column by Amber Saunder, sales and marketing manager, Insignety Innovation and technology surround us in our daily lives; we often rely on it without question and readily embrace it. Can the same be said for the jewellery industry? With brands such as Topshop, Nike and Lego recognising the need to incorporate innovation to attract

OPINION: What does De Beers expanding into lab-grown diamond jewellery mean for the industry?

Cred Jewellery director, Alan Frampton, shares his thoughts on the announcement that the De Beers Group has now launched into lab-grown diamonds jewellery. Words by Alan Frampton After years investing in lab-grown diamond production De Beers have entered the market. They knew this was coming. In 2012 when the Oppenheimer family sold their interest in

GUEST COLUMN: How one jewellery brand utilises the power of celebrity

Eddie Levian (left), chief executive officer of Le Vian, reveals how the brand lifts the profile of pieces worn by celebrities. Word by Eddie Levian I’ve long believed Hollywood celebrities are today’s royalty. A statement that has hardly been truer than now as actress Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry. As Britain and America celebrate this

GUEST COLUMN: How Bonhams uses social media to engage the next generation of jewellery buyers

In a relatively short space of time, social media has dramatically changed the way companies do business, auction houses included. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow companies to reach a much broader audience geographically than ever before and to communicate with them directly, in real-time.   This has proven to be hugely beneficial to auction

Editor’s View: Baselworld has not lost its sparkle yet

In the lead up to Baselworld, the industry can be forgiven for speculating what this year’s show was going to be like. The news was out, “Baselworld slashes exhibitor numbers by half as it focuses on quality over quantity”. It sounded like a good PR headline, against potentially damaging news. The reason for certain big

GUEST COLUMN: The path to responsible sourcing in the jewellery sector

Juliane Kippenberg, an associate director in the Children’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch shares how jewellers can ensure responsible and conscientious gold mining. These days, jewellers use many terms to describe their efforts to ensure that their products aren’t the result of abusive mining practices: “Responsible sourcing,” “ethical sourcing,” “responsible business conduct,” and “sustainable

GUEST COLUMN: How can trade professionals strike a balance between family and business?

Kim Nutayakul, director of Thai Design Distributors, reflects on maintaining a successful career as a new mum. Juggling my time between working in the family business, as well as looking after two young babies was something I never thought could impact my life so much… Until I had them! I was inspired by my parents, who

Editor’s View: “Jewellery brands are not going down without a fight”

Heading into 2018, murmurs circulated that the industry would be waving goodbye to branded jewellery. It certainly felt at times like things were going that way, with more and more retailers swapping branded fashion goods for traditional pieces, and unique designs crafted in-house. There’s certainly no denying that jewellers are increasingly making more space for