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Editor’s View: “Consumers come back to where they have had a great experience”

Editor’s View: “Consumers come back to where they have had a great experience”

A theme that will keep coming up throughout the February issue of Professional Jeweller is storytelling. Both the art of telling a story and the responsibility. The best stories stay with us for a long time. I’m sure all of us know two or three like the back of our hands. It’s usually the ones


Editor’s View: A new year for the jewellery industry to shine

The last year felt like an absolute marathon. It got off to a positive start, then in the middle people started to flag with the results of the EU Referendum lingering over the country, then at the end many found the extra energy they needed to power through and end the year on a high.

Claire Adler photographed by Dan Stevens. Dec 2015 at Star Diamond Dover Street London.  Hair and Make up Ginni Bogado, Rings Star Diamond, Catherine Prevost.

GUEST COLUMN: Claire Adler on the power of language

Guest column by luxury communications consultant, Claire Adler. Over the last decade, as a contributor on jewellery and diamonds to the Financial Times and other publications, I’ve received my fair share of press releases. Recently, I was on stage in conversation with Vanity Fair contributing editor and Hollywood stylist Elizabeth Saltzman. I mentioned that some


Editor’s view: The countdown to Christmas begins with Black Friday

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Once upon a time this would be the first thing that popped into people’s minds when you mentioned November in the UK. It’s a tradition other countries struggle to grasp, but one that we’ve embraced and turned into a magical night of bonfires, fireworks, fairground rides, sparklers and celebrations.


Editor’s view: “Switching off could be the most productive thing you do”

When was the last time you truly switched off from work? I mean properly switched off. This includes turning off your work emails, stepping outside your business and mentally, if not physically, taking a holiday. If you are anything like me I expect it was further back than you think. It is no secret that


Editor’s view: “We view the Hot 100 as this year’s flag bearers for the entire industry”

It is hard to believe that the Hot 100 has been and gone again and I hope you will agree that it was another fantastic evening, with over 350 industry professionals gathering at the Kensington Roof Gardens to cheer on friends and colleagues.  Compiling the Hot 100 is both the easiest and the hardest of tasks

Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2015
Event on 08.09.15
Photography by Danny Fitzpatrick /
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Editor’s View: “Let’s not be an industry that’s quick to judge and slow to encourage”

When was the last time someone encouraged you or you encouraged someone else? I was quite disappointed by the lack of encouragement I was hearing at a recent trade event. My ears were burning as I heard moaning, grumbling and negative comments — some of which I knew not even to be true. Don’t get

V Holts

Victoria McKay explains why a BID will enhance Hatton Garden

London Diamond Bourse chief operating officer, Victoria McKay, shares her thoughts on the Hatton Garden BID with Professional Jeweller. In McKay’s own words… I hear many in ‘the Garden’ talking about the good old days and their concerns for the future. We’re seeing a great deal of change in Hatton Garden and feel strongly about the evolving landscape