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GUEST COLUMN: How will ethics drive consumer engagement in the jewellery industry?

GUEST COLUMN: How will ethics drive consumer engagement in the jewellery industry?

In 2018, consumers are aligning themselves with brands that represent values they care about. As Positive Luxury’s Predictions Report identifies, it’s imperative that jewellery brands harness the power of those responsible practices to drive consumer engagement in order to stay ahead. According to the report, sustainability is increasingly viewed holistically to encompass interconnected issues related


GUEST COLUMN: Top tips on how to use SEO to bolster business

Dominic Celica, the senior PR executive at SEO company, Blueclaw, shares how retailers can engage locals online and encourage them to become customers. There are many tricks jewellery retailers are missing when it comes to engaging with the local community online and converting them into paying customers. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the real

OPINION: Business rescue firm boss offers advice for surviving tough market conditions

Daniel Booth, director at Leonard Curtis Business Solutions and restructuring expert, offers SMEs in the sector advice on how to approach and deal with difficult situations which could involve a recovery solution.   SMEs are the cornerstone of the UK economy. They represent over 99% of businesses, provide 60% of private sector jobs and account for

EXPERT OPINION: Advice on using digital tools to bolster local business

Facets PR’s digital communications manager, Rose Swingler, shares her thoughts on utilising digital tools to boost local business… When considering digital marketing we often find ourselves focusing on the vast, global potential reach of online platforms but it is the depth of coverage that makes, in particular, social media marketing ideal for local businesses. Even

EXCLUSIVE OPINION: Signet CEO responds to Human Rights Watch report

The subject of responsible sourcing in the jewellery industry has been in the spotlight in recent weeks following the publication of a report on the topic by Human Rights Watch.  Here, Signet chief executive officer, Virginia C. Drosos, details how Signet strives to drive integrity in the global jewellery supply chain. Words by Virginia C. Drosos Jewellery,

OPINION: The dangers of heavy-handed discounting

Pini Yakuel, chief executive office of customer relationship marketing hub Optimove, explores how retailers can avoid the pitfalls of discounting and use the strategy to their advantage. The post-Christmas reports this January revealed a mixed bag of results for top UK retailers. Towards the end of the year, the retail landscape has been changing rapidly, with

GUEST COLUMN: Valery Demure highlights a shift among top jewellery buyers

Jewellery world dealmaker and founder of personal shopping concept ‘Objet d’Emotion’, Valery Demure, has clocked a shift in attitude among top jewellery retailers…  During a recent trip to Paris the retailer reactions I encountered were not entirely as I expected — and I’m delighted. I was there for a gruelling schedule of back to back

OPINION: The must-know retail trends for 2018

Ian Tomlinson, founder of RetailStore gives his predications of what will be hot trends for retailers in 2018… 2018 is here and the business outlook for retailers is looking positive despite what people may think. The New Year retail will be driven by technological advances and payment transaction capabilities, small-format shops will be in and

Editor’s View: “Online does not have to kill the bricks and mortar star”

They say video killed the radio star, but that’s not really true anymore, is it? Yes, when video first came out it caused a disruptive ripple to run throughout the radio industry. Some channels lost listeners, while others didn’t even survive long after, but those who embraced new innovations and inventions in the media arts

GUEST COLUMN: How jewellers can prepare for the digital tax switch

Think back to 2008 — the Olympics were in Beijing, Barack Obama was elected president of the United States and the UK began its digital TV switchover. This switch saw the UK’s terrestrial television converted to digital while analogue channels, broadcast from thousands of transmitter sites, were turned off. First announced in 2005 and finally