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Editor’s View: “Jewellers in the Argyll Arcade can’t afford to let standards slip”

Editor’s View: “Jewellers in the Argyll Arcade can’t afford to let standards slip”

The Glasgow jewellery retail scene is unlike anything I have ever come across before. While I had heard a lot about the famous Argyll Arcade, and I knew it was packed entrance to exit with jewellers, naively or not, I had no idea no other type of store would be in sight. The Argyll Arcade


GUEST COLUMN: ‘Men buy, women shop’ – how does this old adage translate online?

Words by Gary Ingram, chief executive officer, The Diamond Store In e-commerce, giving your customers an efficient online shopping experience is believed to be a key element of success. However, while a fast checkout funnel is vital for not losing sales, streamlining every aspect of your customer’s journey may not always get the best results. Why?

GUEST COLUMN: How a new diamond trading platform aims to boost business for independent jewellers

Words by Howard Levine, founder, Diamnet I have been supplying jewellery retailers across the UK for over 27 Years. I learnt my craft from the best in the business, specialising in pearls under the mentorship of Michael Hakimian and becoming a diamond expert under Brian Chalfen. Providing the right product and the best service to

GUEST COLUMN: Marketing jewellery to millenials as a 50+-year-old CEO

Words by Gary Ingram, chief executive officer, The Diamond Store Marketing to millennials is confusing. A headline in the Guardian in March 2017 proclaimed, Marrying millennials are giving the finger to diamond rings. Through the year, many big publications like The Economist, Huffington Post and Forbes echoed this message. Then last month the Financial Times published

GUEST COLUMN: How will ethics drive consumer engagement in the jewellery industry?

In 2018, consumers are aligning themselves with brands that represent values they care about. As Positive Luxury’s Predictions Report identifies, it’s imperative that jewellery brands harness the power of those responsible practices to drive consumer engagement in order to stay ahead. According to the report, sustainability is increasingly viewed holistically to encompass interconnected issues related

GUEST COLUMN: Top tips on how to use SEO to bolster business

Dominic Celica, the senior PR executive at SEO company, Blueclaw, shares how retailers can engage locals online and encourage them to become customers. There are many tricks jewellery retailers are missing when it comes to engaging with the local community online and converting them into paying customers. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the real

OPINION: Business rescue firm boss offers advice for surviving tough market conditions

Daniel Booth, director at Leonard Curtis Business Solutions and restructuring expert, offers SMEs in the sector advice on how to approach and deal with difficult situations which could involve a recovery solution.   SMEs are the cornerstone of the UK economy. They represent over 99% of businesses, provide 60% of private sector jobs and account for

EXPERT OPINION: Advice on using digital tools to bolster local business

Facets PR’s digital communications manager, Rose Swingler, shares her thoughts on utilising digital tools to boost local business… When considering digital marketing we often find ourselves focusing on the vast, global potential reach of online platforms but it is the depth of coverage that makes, in particular, social media marketing ideal for local businesses. Even

EXCLUSIVE OPINION: Signet CEO responds to Human Rights Watch report

The subject of responsible sourcing in the jewellery industry has been in the spotlight in recent weeks following the publication of a report on the topic by Human Rights Watch.  Here, Signet chief executive officer, Virginia C. Drosos, details how Signet strives to drive integrity in the global jewellery supply chain. Words by Virginia C. Drosos Jewellery,