Orbita upgrades Avanti 3 watch winder

New design has built-in drawers for watches, pens and jewellery.

Orbita has redesigned its Avanti 3 convertible watch winders to include three built-in storage drawers for watches, pens and jewellery.

The case has been constructed using Brazillian Rosewood veneers with carbon fibre trim panels. Two glass doors provide visibility and are lockable for security.

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The watch winder is operated by three self-programming winder modules powered by lithium batteries that will last five years. The patented Rotorwind system rocks the watch in an oscillating mode once every 10 minutes. This action replenishes the mainspring tension lost in the previous 10 minutes, assuring virtually constant mainspring torque, according to Orbita. It added that ball bearing construction throughout, coupled with the use of Swiss designed ironless core precision servomotors assures long life with no maintenance ever required.