Ozzy gifts tramp a £3,000 gold crucifix

Rocker hands over necklace after failing to find spare change.

It seems that Ozzy Osbourne has been feeling generous. The rocker gave away a gold necklace worth £3,000 to a homeless man, according to reports in the Daily Star.

Osbourne is said to have handed the man, who is livening on the streets of Los Angeles, the gold crucifix and told him to pray for a better future.

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A source told the paper: "The guy asked Ozzy for some change. After searching his pockets Ozzy realised he didn’t have any so handed him his £3,000 gold necklace instead.

"He took the gold crucifix from around his neck and gave it to the man telling him to pray with it. The man could not thank Ozzy enough."



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