Pandora elects former CEO to board of directors

Bjørn Gulden joins board after standing down on July 1.

Pandora has elected its former chief executive Bjørn Gulden to its board of directors, six weeks after he stepped down from his leadership role.

Gulden was appointed at the Danish brands’ general meeting earlier this week. He joins Pandora chairman Marcello Vittorio Bottoli and deputy chairman Povl Christian Lütken Frigast on the board, alongside members Torben Ballegaard Sørensen, Andrea Dawn Alvey, Nikolaj Vejlsgaard, Anders Boyer-Søgaard and Ronica Wang.

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Gulden joined Pandora as chief executive in 2011 but stepped down on July 1 to pursue a role at the helm of sports brand Puma. He was succeeded by Briton Allan Leighton, who has been working closely with Gulden, Bottoli and the Pandora management team to help deliver a fresh company strategy for the brand.

Pandora announced its Q2 results earlier this week, posting UK revenue from concept store sales up 11.6% and Q2 revenue in the UK totalling £20.5m, an increase of 74.5% or 81.8% in local currency, compared to the same quarter last year.



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