Perpetuelle launches watchXchange marketplace

Watch enthusiast site launches pre-owned luxury watch selling platform

Watch community site Perpetuelle has launched the watchXchange, an online marketplace for watch enthusiasts to buy and sell pre-owned luxury watches.

The venture allows members of the US-based Perpetuelle site to sell authentic luxury watches using an online marketplace. The watchXchange uses an innovative “intermediated transaction” process, providing payment protection and watch authentication by experienced, expert watchmakers.

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Sellers are able list their watches for sale on the watchXchange, setting an initial asking price. From there, prospective buyers can agree to purchase a seller’s watch at the asking price or can enter their own offer in a bartering style. When an agreement on price is reached for a particular watch, Perpetuelle collects payment from the buyer and instructs the seller to ship the watch to the Perpetuelle certification center, where it is validated and authenticated by experienced, expert watchmakers. Any watches which fail the validation and/or authentication process are returned to the seller, with the buyer’s payment is refunded.

Once a watch has passed the validation process it is shipped to the buyer for review and acceptance. Upon receiving the watch, the buyer is entitled to a three-day review period. If unwanted, they are returned to the seller and the buyer refunded, less a returns fee. If the buyer is happy, the seller is paid by Perpetuelle, less a success fee.

The watchXchange "promises safe, secure and worry-free watch purchases and sales", allowing for peace of mind and a "transparent ask/offer market-style pricing system" which allows sellers and buyers control over their transactions. The system is similar to eBay’s ‘Buy it Now or Best Offer’ function, which allows buyers to offer prices similar or close to the asking price. is a free-to-join online community created "exclusively for watch owners, collectors, and enthusiasts." It is independently owned and operated, and is described as "created by watch enthusiasts for watch enthusiasts."




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