Police award Grandmother for fighting off thieves

Ann Timson, who was caught on tape beating thieves with bag, awarded.

Ann Timson, the handbag-wielding grandmother who battered robbers attempting to smash into a jewellery shop, has been awarded for her bravery.

Timson fought off sledgehammer-wielding robbers as they attempted to raid a jewellery shop in Northampton earlier this year. She became an internet sensation after a passer-by posted footage of her actions on YouTube.

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She tackled the six men as they tried to break into Michael Jones Jeweller store in Gold Street, Northampton. When staff activated the store’s security shutters, Mrs Timson could be seen running across the road towards them, hitting members of the gang with her handbag.

As the robbers tried to make a getaway on their scooters, two of them panicked and fell. Timson said: "My mother’s instinct kicked in and I ran across the road shouting at the lads to stop it. I know I put myself in danger. But I probably would do the same again."

"My red coat has now been packed away for the winter and my red hair is being dyed green. And my black shopping bag is having a rest today, to give it time to recover from its bruises," added Timson, in a report by Sky News.

Michael Jones owner Luke Allebone told Sky News: "It’s amazing, it’s very courageous what she’s done. It’s six very dangerous men out there with hammers and she’s made a beeline for them."

Mrs Timson has receive the People’s Choice Award in the Police Federation awards for bravery.



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