Pope’s jewellery to be sold on eBay

US jeweller hopes to raise £490,000 through online auction site.

Jewellery once belonging to Pope Paul VI will be sold on eBay by a US jeweller.

Pope Paul VI had allowed some of his jewellery to be sold to raise money for charity and a bejewelled pectoral cross and ring were bought by a mystery US buyer in the 1970s. His widow is now looking to sell the jewels and has enlisted the help of US jeweller Perry’s Emporium.

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The widow now in possession of the jewels had previously tried to sell them through a New York firm for £766,000 but the sale failed to attract a buyer.

Alan Perry, who owns the jewellery shop in Wilmington, North Carolina, is more optimistic about the haul and said he expects the jewellery to fetch between £490,000 and £552,000 on eBay.

Perry said: “She came in with all this paperwork and with the cross and the ring and I just said ‘Holy mackerel.’ It’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and eBay might be a good measure to see if people are interested.”



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