Q&A: Darren McCormick, DMJ

We talk brands with the man behind Spinning Jewelry and Storywheels.

Darren McCormick – managing director of DMJ, which distributes Nicky Vankets, Belle Etoile, Spinning Jewelry, Storywheels, Julie Sandlau, Glam Rock, Just J and Tocs in the UK – tells us why fashion label Belstaff would be the ultimate jewellery brand.

What has the recession taught you?
To be very careful in our buying procedures, to stock brands across the whole spectrum of price points.

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What’s next for fashion jewellery once the stacking craze fades?
Well, as far as I am concerned the stacking ring craze has not even started yet. We’ve got some years to go before it fades. I am currently working on what the next craze is, so watch this space.

What do you look for in brands you choose to work with?
I work with brands that bring my retailers collectability, repeat business and footfall.

You started out as a fashion retailer, is there anything you miss about retailing?
I miss watching the consumer buying the products. I loved watching their buying patterns and most of all I miss the interaction with the consumer.

If you could turn one fashion brand into a jewellery brand (that isn’t already) which would it be and why?
I would like to change the Belstaff clothing brand into a jewellery brand. The reason for this is they are one of the leaders in their current marketplace. For me, it’s the ultimate fashion clothing brand and I would love the challenge to create the jewellery collection for them.

Who are the most powerful celebrities in terms of influencing sales for your brands?
It has to be Kara Tointon for Storywheels and Kim Kardashian for Glam Rock watches.

Will you or any of your brands be getting involved with London Jewellery Week this year?
This is something we are looking at now, so it’s very possible.



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