Queen of Shops slams retail giants

Mary Portas says the retail giants are killing small British shops.

Retail guru Mary Portas, star of the BBC’s Mary, Queen of Shops, has accused supermarkets of “killing” the UK’s small retailers.

Writing in the Radio Times, Portas expressed concern at the “seemingly unstoppable march” of the big stores, adding that “the rise of the supermarket giants – and our love affair with them – is killing Britain’s small shops.”

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Portas said that it was greengrocers, corner shops and butchers that were among the first to suffer from the rise of the supermarkets but, with the retail giants marching into almost every product category, all small retailers are now in danger – something individual jewellers are well aware of.

As to how small businesses can compete with the big stores, Portas said: “I’ve always summed it up in three words: service, specialism and connectivity – to their local communities – and if they work with each other to create high streets we want to visit, they’ll be stronger.”



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