Rio Tinto initatives to drive interest in diamonds

Company offers Argyle diamond jewels to celebs to wear at the Oscars.

Rio Tinto Diamonds has announced plans to promote its Argyle diamond jewellery in 2013, with a focus on educating consumers about the "versatility and affordability" of Argyle diamonds.

The diamond miner said it plans to actively support its network of customers with a number of promotional campaigns.

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These initiatives will aim to educate consumers "on the versatility and affordability of jewellery created using Argyle diamonds", as well as promoting fashion-led diamond jewellery in the US, in particular.

Rio Tinto has lined up the first of its initiatives this weekend, with a showcase of Argyle diamond jewellery at the Oscars.

The high-end Argyle Diamond Jewellery Collection will be showcased to celebrities, nominees and presenters to wear at the Oscars, which takes place on February 24. The collection comprises 12 pieces of jewellery including the award-winning champagne diamond Bulles de Champagne Collier and a champagne and white diamond bangle from the sustainable jewellery initiative undertaken by Rio Tinto Diamonds in 2012.

Rebecca Foerster, manager of Rio Tinto Diamonds’ US Representative Office said: "We see these initiatives as instrumental in ensuring that the consumer understands the beauty and value of Argyle diamonds.

"Other exciting initiatives have been developed and will be outlined at the JCK show in Las Vegas in June.”



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