RJC announces first certified member in India

Venus Jewel honoured to be certified and hopes others will follow.

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) has announced that Venus Jewel, the Indian diamond manufacturer, is the first RJC member in India to achieve certification.

Venus Jewel will have met the ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards established by the RJC Member Certification System.

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The integrity of the RJC depends on members being audited by accredited, independent third party auditors and becoming certified within the deadlines set by the RJC Member Certification System.

Michael Rae, chief executive of the RJC said: “The RJC warmly congratulates Venus Jewel on achieving certification. Venus Jewel’s RJC Certification results from a successful verification assessment conducted by SGS, a highly regarded and international auditing company accredited by RJC in July 2010. Venus Jewel is the first of a significant wave of India-based companies that will achieve certification this year.”



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