Robbery hero tackles gun wielding robbers

Deivydas Jaikas photographed tackling the robber

20-year-old “did not hesitate” following robbery in Peterborough

A 20-year-old man has been praised by the police for his bravery after fighting two robbers fleeing from a jewellery shop.

Deivydas Jaikas said: "I thought [to myself] ‘you will not get away with this’" when he grabbed one of the robbers. He did not realise the robber was holding a gun which he proceeded to point at Jaikas.

Passers by are reported to have shouted "stop him" and "grab him" as the scene occured. Jaikas said: "‘I didn’t see the gun at first, I had no idea he was carrying a weapon and when I saw the pictures I was very scared. I’m still scared now because nothing like this has happened in my life before."

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The robbery took place on Friday in Peterborough’s jeweller  Chris Hopper. After stealing several gold chain necklaces they fled the store but ran straight into Jaikas, who only came forward yesterday.

"I have never acted so bravely before, I’ve never seen a gun, or caught a shoplifter, or anything like that" he said, adding: "But I would do the same again, of course." 

Lithuanian-born Jaikas said police officers and his friends had told him he was the ‘Hero of Peterborough’. "The police told me that I should get a medal or something like that because I’m so brave. I suppose I do feel like a hero. When so many people tell you, you believe it", he added,



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