Royal Asscher launches simulated diamond brand


Rebel Chique targeting fashion-forward women with colourful jewels.

Diamond jewellery brand Royal Asscher is diversifying its business with the launch of a simulated diamond brand called Rebel Chique Diamonds.

Royal Asscher has been creating diamond jewellery since 1854 and in 1902 created the Asscher cut, but with this new brand of man-made diamonds it said it hopes to revolutionise consumers’ attitudes towards diamonds by promoting the benefits of man-made alternatives that can be bought as a fashion item rather than an heirloom piece of jewellery.

Rebel Chique Diamonds offers man-made diamonds in a rainbow of colours set in rings, earrings, pendants and cufflinks. A typical prices are €1,095 (£946) for a man-made clear solitaire set in 18ct white gold, or €8,995 (£7,777) for a 18ct white gold ring with man-made dark blue diamond with man-made diamond-set shoulders.

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A tongue-in-cheek promotional campaign has been created for Rebel Chique Diamonds with a ring shown on a hand that appears to be holding up it middle finger, something that the brand said shows its "wink of rebellion".

The Rebel Chique Diamonds, which is headed up by sixth generation diamantiere Mike Asscher, is operating an online direct to consumer distribution strategy and will target "fashionable and independent women who put a high premium on exclusivity and want to wear jewellery that makes a statement".

Asscher said: “One of the great misconceptions about man-made diamonds is that they are mass produced, but the production is much closer to craftsmanship. Man-made diamond producers can influence and steer the process, but we can’t completely control it.

"Something magical still needs to happen, but by introducing science and trial and error into the calculation we can cultivate extremely rare and unique diamonds. Chemically, physically and aesthetically, optically man-made diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds – they only have a different place of origin and price."



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