Sophie Harley conjures mystical Bonne Chance line

UKJA winner teams with Ukrainian designer for playing card collection.

Sophie Harley has launched a new collaborative collection with London-based Ukrainian designer Natasha Salkey, based on the four symbols of playing cards.

The Bonne Chance collection features earrings, bracelets, chokers and pendants in silver and gold with motifs such as hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs.

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Harley said: "Natasha’s creative narrative, integrating history and romanticism compliments my artistic vision of the mystical. Each card suit is imbued with masculine and feminine symbols including the four seasons: The power of autumn and winter, the warmth of spring and summer and the four elements: water, earth, fire and air."

The collection also draws on Salkey’s childhood memories of playing cards on the shores of the Black Sea, fortune telling and mystic powers connected to card iconography.

Details are picked out in black, white and red enamel, while a high-end version in 18ct gold is available set with black and white diamonds and rubies.



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