Swarovski sparkles at LJW

Juliet Rowe talks to Dr Birgit Rieder about new brand Swarovski Gems.

Juliet Rowe explores the Swarovski heritage and the ethos behind the global brand.

It is day #2 of London Jewellery Week 2010. I have arrived at the Swarovski Headquarters in Mayfair, for Dr Birgit Rieder’s private presentation to launch the new brand for precision-cut genuine gemstones and created stones, Swarovski Gems, 2011. Dr. Rieder is Head of Gem Creative in Wattens, Austria, where Daniel Swarovski created his empire in 1895.

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These Swarovski presentations do pave the way for presentations, it has to be said. The elegant setting of the clinical-yet-not-austere London HQ is immaculate and indeed flawless. A waiter serves the prerequisite soft drink du jour, elderflower cordial, as we are led into a slick, stark boardroom that is reminiscent of the show Ugly Betty.

Rieder inspires her audience with her depth of knowledge and absolute belief in everything that is Swarovski. This globally-known brand with the crazy name that is now part of the industry and the consumers’ daily speak, is (I think) one of the most powerful brands in the world today. The significance that is given to world-wide trend agencies, which has undoubtedly aided the exponential growth of the brand, is indeed awesome.

For Swarovski, it is not what’s ‘in right now’ that is important, but what the consumer genuinely wants, whatever her mood dictates.

As Rieder so perfectly put it: “I wore a big cocktail ring yesterday and today, I’m wearing a more refined piece of jewellery.”

With the consumers of the world so varied, in a world that is so vast, women in various markets want a host of different accessories. One day, one style and the following day a slightly altered variation of same style. The lady is not mistaken. What we wear reflects our mood, as well as the zeitgeist. It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her tune, some every three minutes, but that’s for another time.

Swarovski Gems 2011 launches this week across the world. Genuine gemstones are now part of the global zirconia empire, encouraging even more phenomenal names in the industry to take the brand even more seriously. Big players in the jewellery and design worlds have been invited to take the Swarovski gems and incorporate them into their own artistic incarnations, having free reign with the huge collection of colours.

Swarovski’s vision is to unite the world and work in unison, rather than operating only in our own patch, cut off from our neighbours. The brand wants to continue to speak to all accessory lovers, however far apart geographically. The design team is in awe of nature and its beauty, and wants the consumer to attain the same sense of amazement and appreciation with Swarovski Gems 2011.



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