TanzaniteOne expands reach with online gem shop

Consumers now able to purchase stones directly; store a member of RJC.

Tanzanite mining company TanzaniteOne has launched its first online boutique selling loose gemstones and finished tanzanite jewellery directly to consumers.

The company, which aims to mine and cut the stones in an ethical manner, is said to be the largest producer of tanzanite gems. It has traditionally operated as a wholesaler of the stones but has now switched to consumer-facing sales amid growing demand for the gems.

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Linda Kennedy of TanzaniteOne online said: “The tanzanite offered on our online boutique is more than just a collection of rare and beautiful gemstones and jewellery; our tanzanite is the only tanzanite that is ethically mined – guaranteeing peace of mind, something which is increasingly important to educated and socially conscious consumers."

TanzaniteOne said that the ability to sell tanzanite directly to global consumers means the company is now "involved in every step of the route from mine to market […] guaranteeing the provenance, quality and ethical status of its stones".

Tanzanite has been mined in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro since its discovery in 1967. Traditionally a wholesaler, this is the first time the mining company has directly offered its gemstones to consumers.

All stones sold by TanzaniteOne Online will be received with a Tanzanite Foundation’s Mark of Rarity™ and a TanzaniteOne certificate of Authenticity and Origin. The online boutique is also a member of the World Responsible Jewellery Council.




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