Tateossian: Ignoring e-tail will hurt your brand

Robert Tateossian says not selling online does brands a disservice.

Jewellery brands that do not embrace the power of the web will suffer, said Tateossian founder and chief executive Robert Tateossian during a Professional Jeweller round table event in association with QVC.

Tateossian strongly put his point forward during a debate about the dangers of counterfeiting versus the benefits of selling online.

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He said: “By not being on the internet you are doing yourself a huge disfavour.”

Tateossian stood his ground while other brands around the table, including Assia Webster of Stephen Webster, said that they would not sell their jewellery online in fear of copycats. Stephen Webster’s Crystal Haze ring is thought to be one of the most copied British jewellery designs.

Tateossian insisted that should a copycat choose to create a forgery they could just as easily buy the product from a high end store and use that to copy the design. He said: “People can still go into Harrods and buy it and then copy it.”

The debate took place during Professional Jeweller’s first round table event, held at The Hospital Club in London in association with QVC. A group of leading jewellery designers and up-and-coming talent joined together at the event to share experiences and strategies of brand building.

The event was sponsored by QVC and was attended by Mary Bradley, Gemma Savage and Judy Deuchar from the TV shopping channel. QVC is currently trying to expand and rejuvenate its jewellery offer through working with established jewellery brands and also up-and-coming designers that it can collaborate with on diffusion lines.

The jewellery designers and brands that attending the Professional Jeweller round table in association with QVC were Assia Webster of Stephen Webster, Alex Monroe, John Pearce of Johnny Rocket, Sarah Ho of SHO Fine Jewellery, Jessica Poole, Andrew Geoghegan, Robert Tateossian of Tateossian and former Links of London creative director Elizabeth Galton.


For more from the Professional Jeweller discussions in association with QVC read the December issue of Professional Jeweller, out next month.



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