The Hot 100 motivates the jewellery industry

It’s about instigating fresh ideas, says Tresor Paris’ Lilian Lousky.

Tresor Paris was recently named a Gold Partner of the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2013, marking its second consecutive year of support for the annual industry celebration.

The brand’s creative director Lilian Lousky states that the Hot 100 is beneficial to the UK and Irish jewellery industries as it drives companies to reenergise their businesses in order to be the very best in their field.

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"The Hot 100 is motivational," Lousky says. "It motivates people to come up with new ideas. Tresor Paris is focused on bringing fresh ideas to the industry and these ideas are showcased in the best way through its work with the Hot 100."

Lousky says that of the 300 individuals honoured by the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 over the last three years, Stuart Laing has been one of her favourites. "There have been too many great people in the Hot 100 but if I have to mention just one it would have to be Stuart Laing because of his dedication to the industry and for heading, in my opinion, one of the most prestigious jewellery groups in the country. The Houlden Group are true jewellers of excellence."

And her favourite photo from the Hot 100s so far? "It has be the Meet the Team images from 2012 because of Professional Jeweller‘s hard work and dedication bringing this fantastic event together, and also for being who they are and despite their hectic life never missing a party or a new story in the industry."



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