The Sustainability Awards praise De Beers

Famous diamond company announced as overall winner for 2009 report

De Beers has been declared the overall winner in the ACCA South Africa Sustainability Reporting Awards for its Report to Society 2009.

This is the third consecutive year that the Report to Society has been recognised for such an Award, but this time De Beers was placed in a category of its own as ACCA created a cross sector overall winner to recognise the achievement.

ACCA South Africa noted that the report was “well ahead of all of the other submissions” and therefore decided to recognise De Beers as the overall winner.

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“De Beers is a world-class report in any jurisdiction on the planet. It could win awards in any country and in any sector,” ACCA announced at the awards.

In particular, the judges highlighted that the report’s risk assessment framework, “stood out” and acted as a “cornerstone” of the report along with the fact that the report “addresses stakeholder concerns directly”. The company was also praised for its willingness to “address sensitive issues such as blood diamonds”.

This is the third De Beers Report to Society that has been prepared, designed and produced with Maplecroft, a leading sustainability agency.

Commenting on the award, Dr James Suzman, director of public affairs for De Beers said, “We are delighted to be the recipients of such a prestigious award. It’s a great endorsement of our approach to sustainability reporting. As we look forward to capitalising on the opportunities of economic recovery we will continue to focus on finding synergies between operating sustainably, meeting the expectations of our stakeholders, and meeting our commercial goals. In doing so, we intend to exemplify our commitment to ‘live up to diamonds’.”