Thieves admit to their part in Supergran robbery

£100,000 of watches stolen in raid which became YouTube hit.

Five men have admitted their part in the Northampton jewellery raid that was publicised across the world after "Supergran" Ann Timson fought them off with her handbag.

Mrs Timson was caught on camera setting about the men with her handbag as they robbed Michael Jones Jewellers in Gold Street on 7 February this year.

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The men, all from north London, appeared at Northampton Crown court earlier this week in connection with the raid in which £100,000 worth of watches were taken. All five were remanded in custody for sentencing on 23 May.

The five theives – Patrick O’Brien, 18; Terry Ingles, 22; Edward Smith, 28; Jason Hartles, 25; and Michael Sharpe, 39, all admitted conspiracy to burgle. The footage broadcast by ITV’s Anglia Tonight showed the windows of the jewellers being smashed during the incident. A further video showed Timson, a market trader in the town, chasing one of the thieves, hitting him with her handbag. Within a day the video had gone viral on YouTube, turning her into a celebrity and earning her the nickname "Supergran".

Prosecutor Alisdair Smith told Judge Charles Wide QC: "O’Brien had been armed with a sledgehammer and was at the doorway of the shop when Mrs Timson arrived at the scene"

Video footage showed Mrs Timson swinging her handbag at the thieves and she was seen to hit one of three men sitting on scooters before turning her attention to the three other men who were smashing the shop window.

Timson fought against O’Brien and turned to flee on the back of a scooter that Ingles was driving. They both fell off and although Ingles ran from the scene, O’Brien was hit again by Mrs Timson, and was then held by members of the public until the police arrived.



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