Three amendments made to Hallmarking Act

Changes made to sponsor’s marks and platinum plating regulations.

Three amendments have been made to the Hallmarking Act including an update to the regulations surrounding sponsor’s marks and platinum plated goods.

The changes were registered in February and allow greater flexibility for jewellers and manufacturers.

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The first amendment means that the UK Assay Offices are now able to strike hallmarks outside of the UK with a new (assay office) mark that is different from that used in the UK.

The second change is focused on the requirement that a sponsor’s mark must include the initials of the sponsor’s name. This has now been removed, enabling companies to register logos and trademarks as their sponsor’s mark, though these will be subject to approval.

Finally the wording has been re-drafted relating to platinum coatings and platings. The updates now means that articles of silver, gold or platinum, bearing a hallmark, can be plated with platinum without having to gain the written consent of an assay office, as was a previous requirement.

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