Tim Phillips to step down as White Pine director

Diamond recycling business said to be scaling back in the UK.

Diamond recycling company White Pine will say farewell to its European and UK director Tim Phillips this month following the announcement that he will leave the business at the end of October.

The company has been driving its diamond recycling business in the UK for about 18 months, offering retailers, designers and pawnbrokers a chance to sell on scrapped, broken or melee diamonds for cash. Phillips has headed up its UK and European operations during this time, working between an office in Barcelona and the business’ UK base in Birmingham.

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He told Professional Jeweller that he will be leaving the business at the end of October owing to a number of factors. It is understood that White Pine does not intend to replace Phillips with a new European director, and is scaling back its operations in the UK.

Phillips was named a Business Big Shot in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2013 for his work driving White Pine in the UK and raising awareness of diamond recycling among jewellers and pawnbrokers. The business is a member of the CMJ as well as the British Jewellers’ Association.

White Pine is headquartered in New York. The company operates by buying recycled, polished diamonds of all sizes and grades, either loose or in second-hand diamond jewellery. It then re-manufactures stones that are chipped, damaged or poorly cut, distributing its diamonds in the US and Asia to a network of industry participants, including jewellery retailers, jewellery manufacturers, diamond manufacturers and diamond dealers.



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