Tivon reveals winners of Facebook design comp

Gemstone brand pick two winners in surprise twist.

Tivon has announced the winners of its international design competition, launched and hosted on Facebook, revealing not one but two winning designs.

The gemstone and fine jewellery company launched its design competition in July, calling for entries for both amateur and professional jewellery designers to submit an idea for Tivon to then create.

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The winning designs are set to be made by Tivon and exhibited at several international trade shows, credited to the winning designers, with 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the piece going to the charity of the winning designers’ choice.

A group of four final designs were selected and posted on Tivon’s Facebook page, winning thousands of votes. Two winners were chosen by the company, Mara Machado from Brazil and Abigail Buckingham from north Lincolnshire.

Tivon director Ariel Tivon said: "It was seriously difficult to pick a clear winner. On the one hand we had all these votes coming in from across the world, even countries where we have never had reach before. On the other hand, as a jewellery business, we had to balance the outcome of voting with the commercial viability of the piece as well as the technical complexity of actually making up the pieces. I can tell you I honestly did not have one clear favourite and having to choose a winner left me with some sleepless nights.”

The joint first place winners will now see their designs translated into precious metals and gemstones. Mara Machado’s winning entry, titled Hummingbirds, features green stones and diamonds, while Abigail Buckingham’s winning entry, the Waterfall Necklace, features blue stones and diamonds.

According to Tivon, both designs held mass appeal amongst voters and the company could not pick a clear winner.

Machado’s design inspiration was the hummingbirds that fly close to her home in Santa Catarina, Brazil. She said: “It has been an honour for me and a significant opportunity to expose my designs to people in Brazil as well as many other countries. I emphasise the importance of the great initiative made by Tivon Fine Jewellery in promoting this competition and the opportunity to compete with designers with high-level talent from other countries.”

Buckingham described the countryside and flowing rivers as the basis for her necklace design. "It has meant so much to me to be a finalist in the competition and I appreciate the effort Tivon have put into promoting us as designers. It is a great thing to add to my CV and will hopefully help me with my future career," she added.

Machado has selected Awakening Without Violence as her charity of choice, a Spanish charity that helps combat gender violence and domestic violence, while Buckingham has selected The Goldsmiths Centre, where she spent a year training on the pre-apprentice foundation course which she credits as giving her the skills to produce this design.

Tivon added: “I would like to congratulate all our finalists including the other runner up winners Sophie Naylor from the UK and Nikhita Puri from India. I am certain all these designers will go far with such talent being shown at such an early stage in their careers."



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