Traditional with a twist leads at MasterCut

Classics tweaked to offer retailers safe options on diamond jewellery.

MasterCut reported demand for traditional-style rings with subtle twists at The Jewellery Show this week.

James Maxwell, managing partner of 21st Dimension, which produces and manages MasterCut, which is exclusive to Company of Master Jeweller members in the UK, said the brand is unapologetically traditional in its designs, but had been introducing some subtle twists such as heart-shapes introduced to the baskets and crossover claws.

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He said: “Retailers want to invest their money in products that they know they can move; they are much more risk averse and are playing it safe. They don’t want to be seen as taking a risk in front of their customers.”

Maxwell added that bridal jewellery is still MasterCut’s strongest product sector.

MasterCut enjoyed a strong year in 2010, with sales more than doubling. Maxwell told Professional Jeweller that in the year it added 20 new accounts, which he said, along with a faster replenishment process, had helped to boost sales.



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