TRENDS: Spelling it out

Natasha Sherling on why jewellers need to get wordy.

By Natasha Sherling

The golden name necklaces so on trend a few years ago have faded from favour slightly, but trust high-end designers to come up with a new spin using fun, personal phrases.

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Short and to the point, many were originally created as love tokens and engagement favours, but now as more houses taken note, the designs are becoming universally appealing.

Dior has been creating its classic Oui collection in yellow and white gold, both available with either one tiny diamond dot or the whole word encrusted in pave for some time now.

Solange Azagury Partridge has a similar idea, spelling out words like “marry me” and “love” on necklaces and rings.

Recently enough, Tiffany & Co. jumped onboard with (true to style) a plethora of options by Paloma Picasso.

One of the latest is Kate Spade – while her recently launched line peddles amorous penmanship, there are also more neutral, but no less sweet, phrases like “smile” on offer.

Laura Gravestock is another jewellery designer working this trend and offers rings with the word “love” or “hate” in a cheeky nod to finger tattoos. She also creates hoop earrings with phrases such as “pussy galore” and “call me” ensconced within.

This is a trend that will appeal to teenagers as well as those adults who appreciate slight whimsy in their designs, especially when coupled with precious metals and stones – but of course could be kept as a collection holding great potential and demand as basic introductory pieces.

There have long been street vendors willing to bend silver threads into names and phrases, ready to wear on necklaces and bracelets, but don’t leave it to those standing outside your store – this is one street-savvy trend to bring in the door now.


Natasha Sherling is a consumer journalist who specialises in luxury goods and blogs at



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