Tresor Paris tricked by Cannes Psy look-alike

Brand admits it believed it had gifted jewellery to real pop star.

Tresor Paris has turned a marketing gaffe into positive PR after it accidentally gifted jewellery to a look-alike of pop star Psy at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

The Psy look-alike hit headlines after fooling a number of brands and even celebrities at the film festival. He posed with actor Adrian Brody and Bond Girl Naomi Harris and both tweeted images of themselves with the man who they believed to be Psy but was in fact an imposter.

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Tresor Paris announced that it has been duped into gifting the Psy look-alike with "a considerably valuable" version of its Orion bracelet.

A statement from the brand said: "The Tresor Paris team were delighted when they were led to believe they had met Korean internet dance sensation Psy, who infamously started the Gangnam Style craze that swept the globe this year.

"Tresor Paris posted images of the be-spectacled star on social networking sites, unaware that he was a look-alike."

The Psy impersonator was found out after Psy himself Tweeted from Singapore to say that he was not at Cannes.

Tresor Paris added: "Despite having gifted him an considerably valuable bracelet from the Orion collection, Tresor Paris know when to admit defeat and pay homage to a master of deception. We admit it – we were completely fooled!"



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