“Trying on” thieves dupe victims out of jewellery

Cheap costume jewellery placed on victims while their own is removed.

A gang of female street thieves has been busy employing a new technique using a "free jewellery" offer to steal from victims.

Members of the public are being warned against the actions of the gang, who have been operating in the Coventry area.

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In one case, cheap costume jewellery was placed around the victim’s neck and wrists before the robbers slyly removed her expensive gold necklace. Another victim had her authentic gold bracelet swapped for a fake, as the thieves puzzle their victims with the attention.

At least four different women are involved in the scam, which police in Coventry say left their victims frightened and confused.

Two of the women said to be carrying out the scma are described as large-build Eastern European women, another two as slim, aged 30-40 and just over five-feet tall, one was wearing an ankle length multi-coloured dress and matching head scarf featuring mainly red and yellow.

Sergeant Kerry Young, leading the investigation in Coventry, said: "Our message to the public is never to engage with people who approach you in the street offering jewellery. Their intention is most likely to steal from you, so don’t give them the chance. If you feel unsafe, go into the nearest shop to alert staff and ask to call the police."



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