VOICE OF THE INDUSTRY: Della Tinsley on LJW 2010

Tinsley on why she gave up her time to save London Jewellery Week.

By Della Tinsley, director, London Jewellery Week

When I heard that London Jewellery Week was not continuing, I knew that I needed to find out for myself whether there were other options.

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Being the week before Christmas, the timing wasn’t great, but a few emails and calls later we had a meeting set up for the first week in 2010.

LJW and selling show Treasure, which I run, have been part of my life for the past three years. I had committed to regular ambassador and steering group meetings, which enabled me to have some influence, but frustratingly not a great deal.

I always had lots of plans and ideas that didn’t fit with the previous regime, but I was convinced if we had collaboration between cornerstone events we could grow LJW over the coming years and make it sustainable.

The first bit of good news was that there was still some money available for LJW from the London Development Agency, but the challenge was to convince them that we could deliver on the significantly reduced amount available to us.

The second bit of good news for the team was the turnout for that first meeting at Goldsmiths’ Hall. The jewellery industry showed a real commitment and enthusiasm for making it happen and taking ownership of the event, and the ball has been rolling ever since.

So now we are really in the thick of it and only weeks away. I’ll admit that there have been times, usually when I’ve been working late into the night, that I’ve found myself questioning why I made that first call to get involved with running LJW, but I know we are all going to deliver a truly inspiring London Jewellery Week 2010.

The event won’t be the same as the first two years – it can’t be and it shouldn’t be – but it will be the beginning of a LJW that will create opportunities for collaborations between retailers, brands and independent designers, and encourage the debate around ethical and responsible jewellery, and reflect the diversity within the jewellery sector.

LJW is now the British jewellery industry’s week to shine, play host to international jewellers, launch exciting projects that will form the basis of next year’s celebrations and enjoy the hard work we have all put into keeping the jewellery event part of London’s design and fashion calendar.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in June and if you haven’t signed up to LJW yet, get in touch with us through londonjewelleryweek.co.uk and be part your week.



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