WatchPro Survey: How do you sell watches online?

Help answer our three-minute survey focused on UK watch retail.

As part of the January 2014 guest editor issue of WatchPro, the magazine is carrying out both a retailer and a consumer survey to find out how customer shopping habits are changing and whether watch retailers are adapting to that changing market.

WatchPro is working with WatchWarehouse managing director Craig Rebuck on the guest editor issue for January 2014, using his vast knowledge of watch retail, both online and in bricks-and-mortar stores, to steer the publication.

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As part of content for the magazine, WatchPro is planning to provide some independent statistics on how UK retailers are featuring on the internet and reacting to changing shopping habits and how consumers are shopping online.

In order to generate this useful information and provide the industry with some extremely valuable independent research we are urging you to please take a few minutes out to complete our multiple answer retailer survey, which you can find by clicking here. All responses are received anonymously.

We would also like you to forward the following consumer survey link to your customers, friends and families to help us build a picture of how shoppers are buying watches online:

You will be able to see the results of these surveys in the January issue of WatchPro.



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