Why I chose art as the theme for January’s issue

Guest editor Shaun Leane on when art and jewellery blurs.

By Shaun Leane

To me, jewellery is art but on a different scale. That is why when I was approached by Professional Jeweller to be its first guest editor I knew exactly what I wanted the issue to reflect – jewellery as art.

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In 2010 the industry was focused on commercial designs, as it has been throughout the recession, but I am excited about the prospects for 2011 and so wanted the first issue of the year to remind readers why they first fell in love with jewellery.

I’ve the content of the magazine to reflect this, filling the pages with artworks from within the world of jewellery, from international masters such as Boucheron to British jewellers including Zoe Arnold, who to me are artists first and foremost.

Art is always perceived as a static form but now we appreciate modern art in forms of sound, light and movement. When a piece of conceptual jewellery is worn and admired it provokes connections, thoughts and emotions, as it does with a piece of art.

There will always be a demand for the mass market and designer brands, as well as couture and art jewellery, but we should remember that it should not be solely about the base value or true cost of jewellery but the value of the attachment of the person buying that piece of wearable art, that miniature sculpture.



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