Jewellery thief wears distinctive orange gloves to grab 34 Rolexes.

Thieves stole 120,000 pounds worth of watches from Moodys Jewellers, Nantwich, on Saturday.

Two robbers were armed with spring loaded bolt guns, which they fired at the store window to smash it, before a third offender used a sledgehammer to widen the hole.


The thieves then reached through the opening to grab 34 Rolex watches, which they placed in a backpack.

A fourth individual was waiting nearby, armed with a claw hammer, whilst a fifth remained with the car.

Pillory Barber Shop owner Julie Norton, whose store is two doors down from the jewellers, told The Sentinel: "I was outside the shop when a car pulled up and three men wearing balaclavas got out.

"One of them was pointing a weapon that looked like a nail gun at all the shoppers and shouting, ‘Get back or I’ll kill you…’"

The five robbers escaped in a silver Mondeo down Pillory Street. The vehicle was later discovered on Western Avenue, having been set alight.

Police are still seeking the thieves, who were described as male, white, and wearing dark clothing, hooded tops, balaclavas and dark gloves. The offender who reached into the window of the jewellers wore distinctive orange gloves.

This is the third time the shop has been targeted by armed robbers within three years.