Diamonds Factory survey shows 36% of women want to choose their own.

A new survey by jewellery e-tailer Diamonds Factory has revealed that 36% of married women would have preferred to choose their own engagement ring, with 14% of men admitting they made the wrong decision.

The study of UK consumers also discovered that one in six women (15%) were unhappy when they saw their ring for the first time, despite nearly half of them (46%) giving their partner detailed instructions of what their engagement ring should look like.


Nearly a quarter of men (24%) stated they found choosing the right ring more difficult than the wedding day itself, with one in eight (14%) conceding they were unhappy about their final purchase.

Diamonds Factory vice president Nilesh Rakholia said the results reveal the pressure that men are under to pick the perfect ring: “Men are under real pressure to choose the perfect ring. They are aware that their purchase will be analysed not only by their partner, but also by friends and family. With the latest research suggesting many women would rather have picked a ring themselves, the pressure on men to get it right is staggering.”

According to the report, 84% of women believe their partner’s choice of ring is a direct reflection of how well they know them.

Interestingly one in three men (30%) admitted they felt pressured into buying a larger engagement ring than they had originally planned in order to compete with others. Men expect to spend £1,185, whereas women expect £1,215.

Diamonds Factory also discovered that it takes roughly 11 days to find the perfect ring, with a 34% of men making a rushed decision in just two days. A romantic 2% searched for more than three months before purchasing.